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Venturehaus has designed Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management training materials from scratch for banks, insurance companies and investment businesses. We have developed our own training packages in these methodologies specifically for financial services, and have also designed bespoke training for individual financial organisations.

We have extensive experience of customising the content of training materials and training delivery to adhere to client internal standards, processes and procedures. All of our training materials and simulations are also available on a licence basis for internal client use, together with full train-the-trainer support.

All Venturehaus trainers have a background in managing process in financial services. We have used our experience to develop training that ensures that the methodologies and tools taught are directly relevant to our clients. We teach practical tools in an engaging fashion and we reinforce their pragmatic use through role-play simulations and exercises.

Our courses are delivered by professional trainers and coaches, who are experienced both in training and in implementation specifically within banking, insurance and investment services.

Venturehaus has frequently been engaged by clients to replace incumbent suppliers because they could not bring the necessary financial services case studies and hands-on experience into their training design and delivery. Furthermore, Venturehaus is often requested to provide bespoke training to major global consulting firms when they require specific financial services expertise to train either their own consultants or their clients.

Our training services are consistently ranked “excellent” by course participants and sponsors. Read more about what our customers say.


Adult-learning styles, and the training of these types of skills, require interactive and interpersonal events to reinforce the teaching through the practical application of the relevant tools, techniques and behaviours in a group environment. Our training courses are delivered around role-play business process simulations, which are used as a live case-study during the courses, on which the participants conduct practical exercises to familiarise themselves with the materials presented and to embed to acquired knowledge.

Our training services are designed and delivered to ensure that participants are immediately effective when deploying their new skills in the workplace. Throughout each of our courses we ensure that all methodologies and tools covered have a specific business context. We do not present anything without discussion as to how it could be employed by the course participants in their own jobs. We solicit feedback both during and after courses to ensure that this discipline is maintained. The applicability of the training and its immediate use by participants within projects builds an in-house capability that leads to self-sufficiency.

Venturehaus Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management training courses are highly interactive and industry specific in context. All of our courses are based around a role-play business simulation, which is fun and instructive, and which participants often talk about long after the course.

Simulation-based training is the most appropriate and enjoyable means of training process improvement in financial services businesses, and makes the training courses more relevant and memorable.

Venturehaus’ process improvement simulations provide an inter-active live case-study, in which the participants apply the learning from each topic to a simulated financial services process, which is similar to their business environment and its typical issues. They conduct a full improvement project on the simulation’s underlying business processes and issues during the course, applying the Lean or Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools to fix the process.

As a result, they gain the understanding and skill to undertake Lean or Lean Six Sigma projects within their own business after the course. By interacting constantly with the instructors and the other participants, and thus practicing the techniques in a “safe” and fun group environment, they gain the confidence and the belief to use them for real after the training. Having understood the power of these improvement approaches from the simulation and the other interactive group exercises during the course, participants can’t wait to put their training into practice in their jobs.


Venturehaus’ Design for Operational Excellence training curriculum consists of training courses in Lean and Lean Six Sigma designed specifically for financial services around our renowned business process role-play simulations. We have been developing and delivering acclaimed industry-specific training for financial services in both Lean and Lean Six Sigma for over 12 years.

Venturehaus has created a variety of courses to meet the learning and development requirements at all levels of management and staff within a financial institution. Our executive and senior leadership courses focus on the rationale and the management of deployment. Our Process Owner and Process Manager courses instruct senior and middle managers in the on-going management of their processes and in continuous improvement in their operations. And our practitioner (Belt) training courses in Lean and Lean Six Sigma prepare process improvement managers and project team members to deliver rapid and sustainable change in their organisations.

All of our courses contain clear and original training materials rich in financial services best practices and examples. They have less emphasis on the manufacturing-biased tools and statistics found in most conventional Lean and Lean Six Sigma approaches, since these rarely have wide relevance to financial services. They focus instead on those best practices which deliver the greatest benefit in financial services environments.

The following are our most popular courses, but other courses are available. All courses can also be customised for specific client requirements.

  • Foundation Lean Six Sigma Training (Green Belt)
    – teaching VOC, Lean principles, and the DMAIC approach to process improvement
  • Foundation Lean Training (Practitioner)
    – transferring the core professional skills in Lean process management and measurement
  • Executive and Sponsor/Champion Briefing and Workshop
    – exploring the roles of management in the leadership and deployment of Lean and/or Lean Six Sigma
  • Advanced Lean Six Sigma Training (Black Belt)
    – demonstrating when and how to apply key advanced Lean Six Sigma tools applicable to financial services
  • Process Owner Training (Process Management)
    – instructing management roles in applying and sustaining process management and process improvement
  • Awareness Training (Yellow Belt)
    – introducing the key concepts and terminology of Lean and/or Lean/Six Sigma to a wider audience

We also offer practical workshops in particular elements of Lean and Lean Six Sigma, such as:

  • Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Lean Event Facilitation
  • and a number of other process improvement tools and techniques

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On-going coaching continues to be the most effective way of fully transferring Lean and Lean Six Sigma skills and expertise in the financial services sector. Adult learning styles generate the continual need to revisit and reaffirm in the real workplace the learning that has been gained in the classroom. Coaching of the participants and project teams after attending a training course facilitates successful implementation of Lean and Lean Six Sigma within the business, guarantees the practical utilisation of the approaches and tools, and ensures effective personal development for the practitioners.

Venturehaus offers coaching and mentoring to all levels of process improvement professionals by our team of highly experienced Lean Leaders, Master Black Belts and Subject Matter Experts. In addition, our Directors have a track record of coaching and advising board-level and other senior executives in the areas of operational strategy, programme leadership and deployment planning.

Coaching is delivered by experienced and highly qualified financial services industry practitioners, whose business and industry sector expertise is both personal and current. Consequently the case studies and war stories they share and the advice they impart during coaching will be up-to-date, directly relevant and culturally appropriate. Close interaction with experienced practitioners ensures best practice standards, delivers more rapid and effective business benefit, and embeds the skills, tools and techniques covered during the training courses.

Coaching takes place on a one-on-one and/or team level basis during the execution of projects, to ensure successful project completion and achievement of the prerequisite standards for the respective level of competency, and for accreditation, if required. A combination of formal, structured coaching and informal ad hoc mentoring is provided to each practitioner, and to each project team.


Venturehaus offers its own certification programmes in Lean and Lean Six Sigma, which reflect the specific requirements of the financial services industry, and are recognised by the industry as a specialist financial services accreditation. Venturehaus’ training courses contain the “body of knowledge” also required for external accreditation. If required, we can also train and coach Lean and Lean Six Sigma practitioners to successful accreditation by selected third parties.

Our accreditation services are built on an understanding of banking, insurance and investment businesses and are delivered by fellow industry professionals who understand the practical requirements of such organisations. We have built and applied bespoke accreditation models for many of our clients to certify that their practitioners have acquired and applied the relevant skills successfully in practice within the financial services industry.

Our typical accreditation framework includes the following:

  • Training attendance: courses relevant to the methodology and proficiency level within the industry
  • Knowledge testing: an examination with high pass mark requirements determined in consultation with the client
  • Coaching assessment: an assessment of the candidate’s post-course understanding and approach to usage of the underlying methodology, as well as their stakeholder management capabilities and other interpersonal skills
  • Panel presentation: a review to assess the candidate’s improvement activity by a panel formed of a representative(s) of the business, the coach and/or manager of the candidate, and a Venturehaus examiner
  • Panel evaluation: a discussion of the project with the candidate, to determine the extent to which the candidate has reached the relevant level of proficiency by demonstrating the appropriate usage of the methodology.