Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management training, coaching and accreditation services specifically designed for financial institutions …



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Design and execution of continuous improvement deployments, and of cost, service, risk and regulatory change programmes …



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Venturehaus was founded in London in January 2002 as a specialist Operational Excellence, Lean and Six Sigma training and consultancy firm, focusing on the financial services industry. We are a leading provider of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management training to banks, insurance companies and investment firms. We are also an established training provider to the financial services practices of some of the world’s leading management consultancies.

We are specialists in Continuous Improvement (sometimes called Business Process Improvement) for both large and mid-market financial institutions, helping them to develop their operational management and improvement capabilities. In addition to the design and delivery of training courses and training materials, we offer operational improvement programme design and implementation support.

We work only within the financial services industry and only in the delivery of operational excellence services through continuous improvement (cost reduction, service improvement, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance). Consequently we can offer our clients very focused expertise which is relevant to their businesses, reinforced by our own backgrounds in the same businesses. Venturehaus trainers, coaches, project managers, analysts and consultants have personal experience and proven track records in financial services.

We use our expertise in best practice operations management, and in process management and process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Lean Six Sigma, to train, develop and implement continuous improvement capabilities for financial institutions. We deliver value through transferring knowledge and skills to management and staff within our client companies. We can also provide assistance and project resource on a contract basis where a financial institution finds that it does not have the time, the capacity, or, sometimes, the skill-set, to address a particular requirement in the on-going management and/or change of its operations.


We judge ourselves on the strength of our client relationships, the quality of the work we are doing for them, and the financial and cultural impact we deliver to their organisations.

We focus on what actually works, and has consistently been proven to work, in financial services, delivered by former financial services operations managers rather than career consultants.

Our approach, Design for Operational Excellence, has been created for banks, insurance companies and investment businesses to deliver rapid and sustainable improvements in cost, service and risk management. The approach combines training, coaching and deploying Lean and Lean Six Sigma, together with other operational and process management best practices, which we have adapted specifically for financial services.

As dedicated specialists in financial services, and experienced operations managers in banking, insurance and investment businesses, we have a strong understanding of the operational, financial and regulatory risks inherent in the industry. We approach all our engagements with this in mind and whilst we are focused on achieving a significant cost benefit and return on investment for our clients, we will always maintain a thoughtful and disciplined awareness of the risks involved and of the controls required to mitigate them.