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Venturehaus specialises in process-related training, resourcing and consulting services exclusively for the financial services industry.

Venturehaus assists banks, insurance companies and investment businesses in developing and implementing Operational Excellence using the Lean and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, which we have specifically adapted to the financial services industry.

We provide all of our services on a large, medium and small scale, either across a whole financial institution, or on a more localised basis within individual divisions, departments and business units.

We tend to focus on 3 principal activities:

Training, Coaching and Accreditation
in Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management
Interim Resourcing
of operational improvement programmes and projects
Strategy and Deployment
of Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Lean and Lean Six Sigma programmes

Training & Coaching

We are a specialist provider of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Process Management training, coaching and accreditation to banks, insurance companies and investment firms.

We have a track record over 12 years in designing and delivering training programmes specifically for financial services organisations.

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Resourcing & Contracting

We provide assistance and project resource on an interim contract basis where a financial institution finds that it does not have the time, the capacity, or, sometimes, the skill-set, to address a particular requirement in the on-going management and/or change of its operations.

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Advisory & Consulting

We use our expertise in best practice operations management, and in process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Lean Six Sigma, to develop, launch, execute and sustain continuous improvement programmes for banking, insurance, investment and other financial institutions.

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