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We have worked locally and internationally with large, medium and small UK and European banking, insurance and investment businesses and also with some of the best known Global financial institutions. For example:

ACE insured
Brit Insurance
Capital One
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Lloyds Banking Group
Morgan Stanley
Northern Rock
Standard Life

Recommendations &

UK/Global corporate and investment bank:
"Venturehaus are THE experts in Operational Excellence within financial services. I have not seen a match. I would highly recommend them."

Global credit card issuer:
"The Venturehaus team are true experts in the use of Lean Six Sigma in Financial Services. Having reviewed all the obvious suppliers for Lean Six Sigma Training, Venturehaus were the only ones who had taken the concept and made it truly relevant for the services environment and in particular financial services. The training was tailored to my business and was creative and engaging for the students who all gave very positive feedback significantly above that given for (our previous provider). You blew (name of previous supplier) out of the water! Since the Venturehaus training the level of associate morale and engagement has gone from the lowest in Europe to one of the highest."

European consumer and commercial banking group:
"I have used Venturehausí services on several occasions. They have the remarkable ability to transform their vast business experience into straight-forward relevant and implementable advice. Venturehaus has been built around getting their customers to achieve benefits from the knowledge transferred in an extremely fast yet sustainable manner."

US/European retail financial services organisation:
"Venturehaus are the ultimate professionals and have an exceptional understanding of the Financial Services industry, both in theory and practice after years of first-hand experience. They have therefore become a highly valued business partner, in using Operational Excellence as the key to streamlining processes. I fully recommend the Venturehaus team to anyone looking to improve their business processes. The Venturehaus organisation stands out in its class and, as a user of a number of consultancies in the field, I can say that I found it head and shoulders above the competition for relevance, understanding and real world experience. With Venturehaus the client gets neither theoretical claptrap nor the typical overemphasis on numbers for their own sake."

UK retail bank:
"I had the pleasure of working with the Venturehaus team, when they supported the delivery of an Operational Excellence Programme. The training that was delivered by Venturehaus was outstanding. The trainers were clearly experts in their field, with a depth and breadth of practical experience that they could draw upon to really bring the training to life and make it relevant to our business. Following the delivery of the training they continued to provide on-going support to the programme, where their wealth of experience coupled with their pragmatic approach was really valued. I would highly recommend Venturehaus."

Global investment bank:
"This is by far one of the best courses I have been on - the delivery of material was excellent. I was most impressed by both instructors! A very well presented course which highlighted the benefits of the Six Sigma/Lean toolkit extremely well without being over-prescriptive on the use of sigma calculations and associated standard deviation calculations. I am previously Sigma trained & qualified and this was far better and more relevant to BAU in project roles than my previous training."

UK/global insurance company:
"Really good course, the best I have ever been on. Before this course I think itís fair to say I was wondering what could be so important to drag all the leaders out of the office at the same time. After the course, I feel without a doubt it has been time very well spent. If everyone takes these learnings forward, we canít help but be more effective as a company. Very friendly and professional trainers who have great people skills. In the past, I have had course leaders who are patronising and make you feel stupid. Venturehausí trainers were all great and spoke at the right level. I love interaction and role play and this course allowed for lots of it."

UK retail bank:
"Venturehaus' background in financial services is distinguished and this has led to a powerful practice in training and consulting. They have a very knowledgeable set of field experts whose opinions are valuable but never forced upon clients!."

UK life insurance company:
"A very enjoyable but challenging week, very intense but also very inspiring. I found the course thoroughly relevant to my current job. Adopting most of what I have learned in my daily job will help me enormously. The trainers were excellent and the style of training and environment was very relaxed, open and interactive."

European life insurance company:
"I introduced Venturehaus to my operation when I needed a thorough overhaul of our existing processes as I was aware of their success in transforming other environments within the same sector. Deeply knowledgeable of recognised process improvement techniques, Venturehaus also have the critical ability of understanding the existing culture when assessing how best to engage people in making resulting changes work effectively. Adept at translating customer insight into precise, robust processes within the workplace - I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

European universal bank:
"I very much enjoyed the course and had my expectations exceeded. I didn't have an understanding of Lean beforehand but now see the business value of adopting the process. I also feel the method of training incorporated a good balance of theory and practical. The presentersí skills were excellent and managed to incorporate all group members, keeping everyone engaged. The presenters were the best I've experienced. Venturehaus have equipped me with the knowledge of skills to carry through what I have learned in a more structured fashion."

UK business bank:
"Venturehaus were pivotal in the training of all my team members to Black Belt level. They provided expert training and valuable coaching to us, using a tailor-made programme and creative modules and exercises. The tools and techniques they imparted to us were invaluable in the achievement of our business goals and in spreading the lean sigma philosophy across the bank."

Big Four consultancy firm (European financial services practice):
"Not much more to say other than excellent, I really enjoyed it. Simulation and war stories were great. Extremely useful course with relevant content. The trainersí knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of classroom needs were excellent."

US investment bank:
"This course was the most interactive I've been on - It was worth every minute, and I'm excited to see how I can put it into practice now. Compared to (the previous provider), Venturehaus really filled the gap in the Lean knowledge."

UK/offshore private banking and asset management firm:
"This is a fantastic result - very well done to all involved. It feels like a different place than three months ago - much more confident and focused. Well done again."

UK life insurance company:
"A very enjoyable but challenging week, very intense but also very inspiring. I found the course thoroughly relevant to my current job. Adopting most of what I have learned in my daily job will help me enormously. The trainers were excellent and the style of training and environment was very relaxed, open and interactive."

UK credit card company:
"Venturehaus provided inspirational Lean and Sigma training that kick started our first Lean Sigma deployment. What stands out is their depth of Financial Services knowledge and the practical application of Lean and Sigma in the industry. They have since provided insightful deployment strategy advice to me on other deployments."

UK mortgage firm:
"I really appreciate your support in trying to get us all to the right page of the book, not just the one with the obvious benefits shouting from it, but the subtlety that turns a good delivery into an outstanding one."

Global insurance group:
"Theory is great; however the main benefit to this training is that we now have a step-by-step process that we can follow, that gives us a real measure, so we can ascertain where we are and where we need to be. The exercises and simulations made process improvement easier to understand and really brought it to life. The trainersí real life business experience and pragmatism has been excellent. The trainersí ability to bring context and links to theory, enabling us to apply to our business challenges, has been a major plus point for me."

Middle East retail bank:
"Excellent presentation in a detailed subject. It will help us generate more revenue, save time and organise teams. Overall I thought the course was spot on for needs in banking."

Global investment and asset management firm:
"The trainersí presentation and ability to engage the audience was fantastic. The pace of the course, content and examples were excellent."